A Picture Book Illustrator Spills Secrets and Tips www.monahodgson.com

Picture Book Illustrator Spills Secrets and Offers Tips

Hi, friends! My newest picture book releases Monday! Yep. June 1st. Can’t wait! In the meantime, I thought it might be fun for you to meet the illustrator for I Can Talk to God.   ORDER YOUR COPIES NOW! As the writer, I provide the text and set the tone for the book. It’s the illustrator who brings my words …

5 Strategies to Help You Crush Stress www.MonaHodgson.com

5 Strategies to Help You Crush Stress

Friend, even with some states, cities, business, and medical services starting to open up some, life is far from normal. And all of that on top of the usual stresses of everyday life. While you and I can find much to be grateful for in every season, the stress of change and uncertainty are real. I’m in this chaotic and wonderful life with you, and I have five strategies that can help you lighten your load.

When a Zebra Becomes Your Mascott www.monahodgson.com

When a Zebra Becomes Your Mascot

A giraffe is unlike any other animal. The zebra however could be mistaken for a small horse that paused too long in front of a graffiti artist. That’s why the zebra became the mascot for rare diseases. But this isn’t a post about a chronic illness or even about my journey with a rare and wily disease. This conversation is more specifically about gaining perspective in the wake of any given wave that rocks your boat.

A Ready to Roll Checklist www.monahodgson.com

A Ready to Roll Checklist

You can’t tell me you’ve never blundered; never embarrassed yourself with a mistaken word or a committed or omitted action. Can you? Please tell me you have a similar story. I hate to think I’m the only one out there perpetuating mess-ups. Laughter is good for the soul, and a foolproof checklist is good for the heart.