9 Psalms to Boost Spiritual Stamina on a Sour Day

Bad days happen. To all of us. Some days seem to show up as magnets for mishaps and misunderstandings. That kind of day can launch us into emotional ups and downs. You are not alone. David and the others who wrote psalms knew days like that. They went from pouring out their hearts to God to pondering His ways. From petition and pleading to praising God. Here, I share 9 Psalms and truths that help boost my spiritual stamina.

Three Wise Women, Advent Devotions

Anyone else craving more than the trimmings? Like me, you might be longing for a deeper, more fulfilling experience this Christmas. A way to settle into the heart of Christmas and add depth to the remembrance and celebration. I’m so excited about a new book written by my friend and writer-buddy, Dandi Daley Mackall. In Three Wise Women: 40 Devotions Celebrating Advent with Mary, Elizabeth, and Anna, Dandi invites you and I to anticipate, celebrate, and marvel at Jesus’ birth.

10 Liberating Soul Care Practices

On any given day, the stack of hats we wear can be staggering. The list of the roles we manage 24/7 is a long one, no matter our age and stage in life. On top of that…the list of tasks and inevitable interruptions stream-live most every day. No wonder we get overwhelmed, grow claws and fangs and bark like a beast of burden. Oh, maybe that’s just me? Maybe not. There’s hope! Let’s chat about 10 Liberating Soul Care Practices.

Why I Hang Out with Older Women www.monahodgson.com

Why I Hang Out with Older Women

Turns out I grew up surrounded by a treasure trove and didn’t know it. The gift of having girls and women older than me in my life. Women who, whether they knew it or not, poured into me out of their life experience and faith in God. In my 30’s and 40’s, while in the throes of momming two tween-into-teenage girls, serving a husband who had suffered a physical disability and the loss of his career, and losing my dad and walking through my fifty-six-year-old mother’s grief with her, I discovered the value of hanging out with older women who could speak life and shine light on my dizzying days.

Delight, A Dicey Word www.monahodgson.com

Delight, a Dicey Word

While reading Magnolia Journal on December 29, 2021, I gazed to the page of an article, “let delight reign,” written by Joanna Gaines. That’s when I laid eyes on the right word for me. Yes, I knew at first sight my word for 2022 was delight! A word I normally associate with a child. I pictured a wide-eyed, jaw dropping reaction to something that inspired wonder and awe in a little one.