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Mona Hodgson | monahodgson.comAvocados, blueberries, black bean chips, and cilantro-lime salsa rank among my favorite foods. My preferred people group includes my hubby of 47 years, my two daughters and the grandkiddos, my sisters, my mama, my kindred spirit buds, my massage therapist, and my literary agent. Playing with words is my pleasure.

Because I’m a teeter-totter work in process, I cling to Apostle Paul’s confidence that He who began a good work in me will carry it to completion, all the way to the finished line—to the day of Christ Jesus.

My heart calls out for more and more of Jesus. I hunger for more of His grace to restructure my thinking, test my attitude, and permeate my actions and reactions. I strive to write and speak words of life—grace and peace and hope.

  • I desire to at all times inhale the freedom that is mine because Father God calls me His child.
  • I yearn to fully embrace the adventure of living in a vital relationship with the God who loves me with an everlasting love.
  • I want to savor sisterhood and the kinship of doing life together.

Come on, let’s walk in faith. Together.

Here on my website, I’ve provided some faith-affirming resources for you. I hope you’ll check them out, see your spirit strengthened, and pass them along to a sister in need.

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“Mona's writings are genuine, researched, and lived. Trustworthy because she knows the One she trusts.”
— Kathleen E. Belongia, reader and reviewer at Lane Hill House

Publishing/Media Bio

An award-winning author, Mona Hodgson has published 42 books, historical novels and novellas for adults and children’s books for ages birth to twelve. Her writing credits also include several hundred articles, poems and short stories, which have appeared in 50 different publications.

Mona speaks for churches, schools, and conferences, including: YWAMMount Hermon Christian Camps and Conference Center, MOPS groups. Mona from Arizona lives with her husband, Bob. And with each passing day, Mona’s appreciation for play, belly laughs, and burbling brooks grows deeper roots.

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“Mona's kindness has been a lighthouse in the dark and her wisdom a guiding compass on stormy seas. She has touched my life not only in the words she writes but in the giving of her time and the opening of her heart.”
— Joanne Bischof, reader, friend, and award-winning novelist