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I want to send stress packing.
9 Secrets to Help You Crush Stress

I want to live free.
30 Bible Verses that Reach Deeper Than You Think

I want to energize my conversations with God.
How Seven Influential Bible Women Coped With Conflict

“Mona's kindness has been a lighthouse in the dark and her wisdom a guiding compass on stormy seas. She has touched my life not only in the words she writes but in the giving of her time and the opening of her heart.”
— Joanne Bischof, reader, friend, and award-winning novelist
Hope Building Facts for Forward Looking

Hope Building Facts About Forward Looking

Have you ever allowed shame over your words or actions to hold you back from God’s call on your life? Have you ever believed that your past disqualifies you in some way from serving God? The enemy would like to convince us that our messy pasts erode any promise for our future. Read Michelle's post to renew your hope and redeem your past.
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Are you living connected, or only in close proximity?

Are You Living Connected, or Only in Close Proximity?

We donate blankets to the homeless shelter and canned goods to the food bank. We pack Christmas boxes of hygiene and personal items for children around the world. We purchase goats or chickens for needy families in Uganda. All these good acts express love for my neighbors. Some of our neighbors. What about the woman seated alone on the far side of the sanctuary or even the woman who sits in front of me at the Sunday service? Week after week.
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What a Bone Rattling Bobsled Ride Taught Me

What a Bone Rattling Bobsled Ride Taught Me

"Strapping on our helmets, we piled in after the professional bobsled driver. Squashed in the middle, I gripped the hand straps like no other and braced for the wicked descent." Adventure can lead to lessons about ourselves and our God. Loree shares her story.
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"Mona not only has a deep love for God, she is crazy about his people. Her gift of belief in God and others inspires me to dig deeper and love better than before. I love that she uses her deep well of talents to not only advance God's kingdom, but invests in his people in deep and specific ways."
— Kathi Lipp, speaker and best-selling author