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New Book Release Day

New Book Release Day

Drum roll please . . .

Book #43 for me was released today!


New Book Release Day


Friends, it feels fantastic to be back writing books, sending out e-newsletters, posting on my Facebook Author Page, and connecting with you through my blog.


When the brain fog from the surgery and anesthesia started to clear and my ability to focus returned, I knew what I wanted to do with my extra time at home. Clean out kitchen drawers, organize my office closet shelves, and revisit a picture book I’d written in 2003.  A book about prayer–timely for all ages.


I gave the book a new title, freshened up the concept and the text, and spent several weeks working virtually with Patrick Carlson, a gifted cartoonist and picture book illustrator.


My newest book is not Mountain Whispers, the historical romance sequel to Prairie Song that some of you are waiting for. Sorry, not yet. Instead it is a picture book that supports your desire to encourage your child, grandchild, or student in the spiritual discipline of prayer.


The spiritual development of the kiddos in your life is a privilege and sometimes a daunting responsibility. I’m thrilled to come alongside you with this new resource. I packed I Can Talk to God full of poignant and teachable moments.


Picture Book Illustrator Spills Secrets and Offers Tips

A Picture Book Illustrator Spills Secrets and Tips

Hi, friends!

My newest picture book releases Monday! Yep. June 1st. Can’t wait! In the meantime, I thought it might be fun for you to meet the illustrator for I Can Talk to God.



As the writer, I provide the text and set the tone for the book. It’s the illustrator who brings my words to life on the page. For my 31st children’s book, that artist is Patrick Carlson. (more…)

St. Charles: Full Circle

St. Charles Full Cirle Blue

How does an Arizona author end up setting her newest works of Historical Fiction in Missouri? Saint Charles, Missouri, to be exact?

Enter . . . a children’s book illustrator named Chris Sharp. (more…)

Devotional Books for Girls

Real Girls Devo Banner

Long before I saw my first historical novel published, I was writing children’s books. As we end one year and begin another, I have exciting announcements to make about two devotional books for girls. (more…)

My Favorite Dr. Suess Book

Oh the Thinks

In honor of Ted Geisel’s birthday on Saturday, March 2nd, I thought it’d be fun to share my favorite Dr. Suess book with you.

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! by Dr. Seuss

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! by Dr. Seuss

When I teach a Writing for Children course at a writers’ conference, my students can expect me to read Oh, The Thinks We Can Think!. The book embodies traits writers, especially those writing for children, should embrace.

Childlike wonder about the world around them. Engaging your imagination and dream. Playing with words and concepts. Embracing adventure and discovery.

Do you have a favorite Dr. Seuss Book?

What traits do you most appreciate in Dr. Seuss BookS?

Books for Children: My I Can Read Books


My historical novels–The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek–written for WaterBrook Press, weren’t my first published books. Actually, they are books 29, 30, 31, and 32.

My first books were written for emergent readers–children’s books. And although my Desert Critter Friends series of 12 books for early readers is out of print, I’ve written six I Can Read books for Zonderkidz. With school underway for most students, I wanted to let you know I’ve written readers for your children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, your neighbor children and the children in your church.

Desert Critter Books for Emergent Readers

Sixteen of my twenty-eight children’s books are stories set in the desert. I grew up in Southern California and have lived in the Arizona high desert for the past twenty-four years.

The Best Breakfast
A Lesson in Acceptance

Peck the quail wants to invite his friends to breakfast. But they’re all so different—and no one likes his pancakes. Will he be able to overcome his disappointment and discover what a truly best breakfast looks like?

Thank You, God, for Rain
A Lesson in Teamwork

Flash! Kaboom . . .
A summer storm is on its way. And all the desert creatures scurry to collect cool rainwater.

What do you think they’ll do with it?

The Princess Twins Books For Emergent Readers

The Sinclair Sisters aren’t the first sisters in my writings–meet the princess twins!

The Princess Twins and the Puppy

A Lesson in Trusting God.

Send out a search party for Puppy! Abby hears Puppy in the basement. But it is so dark down there.

Is Abby brave enough to rescue Puppy?

The Princess Twins and the Tea Party
A Lesson in Humility.

Emma wants the spring tea party to be perfect, even when Abby reminds her that only God is perfect. And just when the guests arrive, disaster strikes. Can Emma relax and enjoy the party?

The Princess Twins Play in the Garden
A Lesson in Inner Beauty.

Emma and Abby are playing with friends.

But Emma is more concerned with how she looks than having fun.

Will Emma learn what’s more important?

The Princess Twins and the Birthday Party
A Lesson in Kindness.

Emma and Abby are having a birthday party. They are dressed in their best clothes. One guest doesn’t have a fancy dress, but Emma wants her to come.

What can Emma do?

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