Do you need a writing coach?

Do you need a writing coach?

You had children. You have grandchildren. You teach children. You’re a favorite aunt or uncle. You know children. Children live in your neighborhood. Writing a children's book is pretty straight-forward, isn't it? Click To Tweet

Not really. Not at all, actually.

Children's magazine and book editors know that one size does not fit all children. Click To Tweet In fact, the age break-downs are critical. And there is a feast of formats specific to children. Then there’s the challenge of marketing to agenda-driven adults while also trying to engage a young child.

That’s where a coach can come in handy. Not just handy, but a coach can be invaluable.  Especially if she’s the author of 31 published children’s books, including board books, picture books, early readers, and the middle reader too.  Fiction and nonfiction. For the Christian marketplace and the general market.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to coach the Children’s Writers Kinship Circle at the West Coast Christian Writers Conference, February 25-27, 2021.  Next month.

Online! No packing necessary. And you don’t have to wear a mask. It’s virtual.

My group of 8 children’s writers in any and all stages of experience will have five hours with me live on Zoom, Saturday, February 26, 2021.

Participants in my coaching circle will experience it all–conversations about the craft of writing for children, instruction, practical examples, writing exercises, community, and constructive feedback on their work-in-progress (WIP). Those signed-up for my circle will submit writing samples from their WIP prior to the conference. More specifics will follow your registration.

I can’t wait!

Only a few openings remain in my coaching circle for children's writers, so if that sounds like a good next step for you, please sign up now! Click To Tweet

Click here, to check out and register for the virtual West Coast Christian Writers Conference.

Do you need a writing coach?Do you need a writing coach?

Do you need a writing coach?



Do you need a writing coach?

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  1. Dear Ms. Hodgson,

    I hope this email finds you doing well. I’m reaching out to see if you’d be willing to coach me with editing and publishing my book. On your website you mentioned that you’ve helped publish Christian books featuring girls. This caught my attention because the book I’ve written is about a young girl. When You have a moment, please let me know if you’re available to assist me through the editing and publishing process. Thank you.


    Francia Homicile

    1. Post

      Hello, Francia.

      Thank you for your note and for connecting with me here. I’m a writer of children’s books. My literary agent is the one who guides the publishing process. Any editing and coaching I do for other writers I do as a faculty member for writers’ conferences, which is short term for those attending the conference. However, if you’re looking for an editing service, I can refer you to Kathy Ide Book Services. To learn more visit

      God’s best to you,

      1. Mona,
        Thank you for your quick response and for the referral for the editing services. I’ll be sure to reach out to them. Thanks again.

        Take care,


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