Three Wise Women, Advent Devotions

Anyone else craving more than the trimmings? Like me, you might be longing for a deeper, more fulfilling experience this Christmas. A way to settle into the heart of Christmas and add depth to the remembrance and celebration. I’m so excited about a new book written by my friend and writer-buddy, Dandi Daley Mackall. In Three Wise Women: 40 Devotions Celebrating Advent with Mary, Elizabeth, and Anna, Dandi invites you and I to anticipate, celebrate, and marvel at Jesus’ birth.

A Ready to Roll Checklist

A Ready to Roll Checklist

You can’t tell me you’ve never blundered; never embarrassed yourself with a mistaken word or a committed or omitted action. Can you? Please tell me you have a similar story. I hate to think I’m the only one out there perpetuating mess-ups. Laughter is good for the soul, and a foolproof checklist is good for the heart.


Stuff: Nose Hair Trimmers and Closet Organizers

Drawers, cupboards, closets, sheds, and garages full of stuff. Unorganized excess. Baggage—emotional and physical saved for someone else to sift, sort, dispose of or save in an unbroken cycle of disorganization and distraction. We all come face-to-face with our stuff and sometimes we find ourselves buried in the stuff of loved ones. And yet . . . let’s talk about it.

Writer Interupted

Writer Interrupted

Are you feeling interrupted in an abrupt change of your plans? What happens in our day-to-day life may not fit perfectly or at all with the plans we made, but God is never caught off guard in our storms or in our seasons of redirection. He is a God of purpose and promise. Not only does God have a plan and a purpose for me and you, He has the ability to bring His divine plans and purposes to completion, no matter our circumstances.

School Slate Banner

One-Room Schoolhouses, A Clean Slate, A New Year!

2013 has faded into the sunset and most of the year 2014 still stretches out before us, a clean slate. I write historical fiction set in the 1800s, a time when one-room schoolhouses were common. Students of varying ages and stages of education would use a school slate, a piece of quarry slate framed with wood, and a slate pencil …