Dandelions on the Wind

The Saint Charles Quilting Circle

Our next adventure takes us back in time. 1865. Saint Charles, Missiouri. Some came home from the war. Many didn’t.

The women of the Saint Charles Quilting Circle waited and prayed . . . Dandelions on the Wind.

The Quilted Hearts Novella One

The Quilted Hearts Novella One

An eBook . . . February 19th!

Available now for Pre-Order.



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  1. I look forward to this book. I love any book that ties history and quilting together in a fiction book. Can’t wait to read this one. I am trying to decide which of your books I should start with

    1. Hi, CD!
      I so appreciate your interest in my historical fiction. If you haven’t read the Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Series yet, you might want to start with Two Brides Too Many.
      Blessings and Happy Reading!

  2. I just spotted your post in The Book Club Network, and your preview hit me like a brick! Not only am I a quilter, but I love fiction that takes place at the time of the Civil War. I made a quilt that is a representation of a famous quilt that was made during that time in history, and have studied Civil War history. I am looking forward to the release of this series! Thank you for “hitting the mark!”

    1. Hi, Nancee!
      How fun to hear from you. I so appreciate your interest in my next series. Reading about the representation quilt you made, I got an idea. Starting in January, I want to include blog posts on quilts, quilting, and quilting circles. How would you feel about being a guest with a brief post and pictures about the representation quilt?

  3. Three strikes you’re in!!!
    I live in Missouri on a hilltop in a wonderful community along the Mark Twain National Forest.
    I am a quilter. I love ***s (stars) of all sizes.
    Historical Fiction is my very favorite genre. I appreciate the research the author does to place their characters within the events/happenings of the time period beyond what we learned in school!

    I am definitely “in” for your new series!!!

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