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Quilters and Quilts – Week 7 – Diana Montgomery


Diana Montgomery


Here we are in Week 7 of our Quilters and Quilts Series.

Today’s guest is my reader-friend, Diana Montgomery.



MONA: Who influenced you to become a quilter?

DIANA: I have always loved quilts. I don’t know of anyone in my family who actually sewed.  I just have always admired quilts when visiting Shipshewana, Indiana, and seeing the beautiful Amish Quilts.  I don’t think I will ever get to do fancy ones, but then again who knows, maybe someday.

MONA: What is your favorite part of the quilting process?

DIANA: Thinking it up in my head what I would like to do then drawing it out on paper.  I usually like reading a good book while sitting with the idea, ’til I can see the project done.

MONA: I love that you made a Memory Quilt. In a similar concept, the women in the Saint Charles Quilting Circle in The Quilted Heart made two Friendship Quilts or Album Quilt, commemorating their time together in St. Charles. Tell us about your Memory Quilt. Who was it for and what was the focus?

DIANA: My Memory Quilt, the first quilt I have ever made, was for my Dad and Mom’s 40th Wedding Anniversary.  I wanted to do something that would show their memories of their life in the 40 years they have been together. I put pictures of important times of their lives together. I started off with their wedding and their parents. The next was pictures of each child they had. Then pictures of their grandchildren. Now I need to add great grand children to it. I wanted to put all the love we have shared in the years onto the quilt in pictures.

Memory Quilt

Memory Quilt

MONA: What a wonderful labor of love, and eventual heirloom for the family. Diana, do you have any advice for someone wanting to make a Memory (Album, Friendship) Quilt?

DIANA: I found making it was a lot of fun. Today, it would be much easier to do it ’cause they have transfer sheets you run through a printer then iron onto the material. When I did it, there was only a chemical called Transfer Me. It was a long process. Even now, it being quicker process with transfer sheets, allow yourself time. If you have any lettering on the pictures, you need to mirror it before you print it.

MONA: What do you enjoy making the most?

DIANA: I  have made smaller blankets for lap and baby blankets. I enjoy them cause they are quicker. I did learn this summer how to do Rag Quilts. Those are kind of fun, but a lot of cutting.

Rag Quilt made for Sam

Rag Quilt

MONA:Rag Quilts are fun to look at, too. Diana, have you learned any life lessons from quilting?

DIANA: I think I have a much easier life then the ladies from back in time who had to make them for their warmth. Instead, we can go and buy them made and really no work involved. I know I am very spoiled.  Ladies really worked a lot harder.  I know we do a lot today but we have a lot easier way to do things with the modern tools we have too work with. I can make a quilt but takes me a lot less time cause of the sewing machine. I admire the ladies who do them all by hand like the Amish ladies. They have beautiful work.

MONA: What bit of advice would you give someone who wants to start quilting?

DIANA: I would say just have plenty of time allowed to do it. I wish I had known someone who made quilts that could show me something  about making them.  If classes are available I would take some basics at least. I have a shop down the road from me now and the lady is wonderful teacher.

MONA: Are there websites, Facebook groups, or magazines that you’d recommend for quilt enthusiasts?

There are all kinds of websites to learn different quilting how too.  I will put a couple here. There actually are even YouTube videos to show you. That was how I learned to do the rag quilt.

MONA: Thanks so much for sharing your quilting story with us, Diana! 

Your Turn: Have you ever seen, made, or received a Memory Quilt?


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  1. Love the interview! For my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary I made a tiny quilt with no batting and had everyone that came to the party sign it with a sharpie. That gets me thinking, I’d better start planning something similar now, their 40th Anniversary is in June…..


  2. I got a sewing caddy, for Christmas, made by a friend of mine. This encourage me to get out sewing again. I finished one quilt and have a second one laid out. I want to make some rag quilts for my boys. Thanks for sharing your quilts and stories. It is keeping me inspired to keep going.

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