A Novel Instrument ~ The Zither

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Music played a key role in the 1800s. In patriotism and in the church. In the life of a community. And in family life. Such was the case for Elsa Brantenberg and her household in Dandelions on the Wind, the first novella in The Quilted Heart omnibus.

Sunday evenings after supper is set aside for family music time. Mrs. Brantenberg plays the piano. Her domestic, Maren Jensen, plays the flute and is teaching Elsa’s little granddaughter to play a recorder. But she still longs to hear the instrument left behind by her long-gone son-in-law. A zither.

A stringed musical instrument, the zither was mentioned in the books of Daniel during the Jewish exile and has a solo in “Tales from the Vienna Woods” by Johann Strauss II.

When I showed one of my hubby’s yard sale finds–the zither–on my Mona Hodgson Author Page on Facebook, I heard from reader-friend and book blogger, Lindsey Zimpel.

Lindsey and her Daddy at a Father Daughter Dance

Lindsey and her Daddy at a Father Daughter Dance

Guess what instrument Lindsey plays?

Yes, Lindsey is a zitherist. So cool! The best part is that she agreed to share a video with us.

Click here to listen to Lindsey Zimpel playing Silent Night on her zither. Lindsey offered a disclaimer saying she needs to practice more, but it was, well, sweet music to my ears. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Lindsey!

Click here to check out Linsey’s blog, Books for Christian Girls!

How about you? Do you play the zither, or know anyone who does or did?


2 responses to “A Novel Instrument ~ The Zither”

  1. Norman W Kaden says:

    My grandfather used to play the Zither and I always have wanted to learn. I actually have one of his old zithers.

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