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In the Case of Sisters BlogThen God created sisters. And He blessed me with three.

I write. So it’s pretty easy to figure how what I’m wheeling around in my brown rolling case. A laptop computer, an AlphaSmart, and a USB cord.

For Sis Cindy, it’s either a tea set or painting supplies.

For Sis Tammy, it would be an otoscope and an audiometer since she’s a hearing specialist.

For Sis Linda, the case holds her sewing machine and all things having to do with stichery and quilting. The rolling case pictured above belongs to Linda, who put her quilting chops to good use for our celebration of the Saint Charles Quilting Circle in The Quilted Heart Novellas.

Linda Making Squares 1

Linda made four Civil War Era quilt squares. Gwen M. won a square in our celebration of Dandelions on the Wind. The second square went to Karen R. in our launch party for Bending Toward the Sun.

Crafted by Mona's SIster, Linda Gansberg Smith

Crafted by Mona’s Sister, Linda Gansberg Smith

And now we’re celebrating the May 21st release of Ripples Along the Shore with another Linda Smith Quilt Square giveaway. And because this is the third and final Quilted Heart novella, I’ve added a few other quilt-inspired goodies to the prize package.

The Quilted Heart Giveaway Package

The Quilted Heart Giveaway Package

Congratulations to Robyn Conners, the winner of the Quilter’s Prize Pack! Many thanks to all who entered!


The Quilted Heart Novella Series, Complete May 21st!


If you haven’t fed your eReader with Dandelions on the Wind, Bending Toward the Sun, or Ripples Along the Shore, you can find them wherever eBooks are sold! And they’re only $1.99 each!


Do you have a sister? What might we find in her rolling case (assuming she has one)?

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  1. You are truly blessed to have three sisters. I have one, but she is in Louisiana and I am in Oklahoma. My life is pretty much in a mess right now. Was a nurse for more than 36 years, but lost everything I had to a tornado in 2011, which caused me to go into myself and just about give up on life. If not for my loving husband and two daughters, and especially God, I don’t think I would be around anymore. I can’t work anymore, so I pretty much cling to my quilting and sewing. I had a beautiful sewing room before the tornado and I am slowly getting it back together, but I sometimes have to push myself to do anything. Keep me in your prayers, and I do a lot of reading, so I am going to get your books when I can afford them. I am on disability and my husband is the only one working. Keep Oklahoma in your prayers and hug your sisters everytime you see them. Debra

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