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Quilters and Quilts #3 – Linda Smith

Week 3 of our Quilters and Quilts Series has me hosting my sister-friend, Linda Smith. Woohoo!
My Sis Linda Quilting by Machine

My Sis Linda Quilting by Machine

When I first entertained the idea to center a women’s retreat series of talks around the concept of quilting, I called my Sis Linda. You see, I don’t quilt. Linda is our family’s designated quilting expert. I may not be a quilter, but I am a writer who is fascinated with metaphors and imagery. 
As I planned to talk to women’s groups about the transformed heart based upon Psalm 19:14, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Psalm 51:10, Proverbs 4:23, and Romans 12:2, the image of quilting the front, batting, and backing came to mind. The Quilted Heart has become my most popular women’s retreat topic and in January I’ll have a book of three novellas by the same name, inspired by the truths I share when speaking to women’s groups.
It’s been fun talking to Linda about her history with quilting and looking at some of the quilts she’s made for the family.

 MONA: How old were you when you started quilting?

LINDA: I made my first quilt (very poorly) when I was 11 years old.

MONA: What was your first quilting project?

LINDA: I didn’t start small.  I believe it was bed size.  I believe I gave it to you!

MONA: Yes, indeed. You made your first quilt in honor of the birth of your first niece, my Amy. And I still have the quilt.
Sis Linda's 1st Quilt

A peek at Sis Linda’s 1st Quilt

MONA: Who influenced you to become a quilter?
LINDA: My Grandma Mabel was an avid seamstress, but it was actually summer vacation at my Grandma Shindlebower’s house that she pulled out fabric and we made a quilt.

MONA: I never caught the sewing bug from them, but I am ever so grateful you did. How many quilts have you made?

LINDA: Probably over 200.  I made 14 in the last 2 weeks!

MONA: Impressive! Do you have a favorite pattern?

LINDA: Not really.  I haven’t done very intricate ones.  I enjoy the look of a stack and whack one.  And one called “the yellow brick road.”

MONA: What is your favorite part of the quilting process?

LINDA: That is a hard question.  I enjoy the whole process, but probably the quilting (stitching the top, batting,and backing together) because it is the finishing part.  I love to see the whole idea take shape and be completed.

MONA: What do you do with most of the quilts you make?

LINDA: Most of my family have at least one of my quilts.

MONA: I also have the quilt you made for Grandma Mabel when she was 95.

Linda Smith Grandma Mabel Quilt cropped

LINDA: Most of the quilts I make to donate to sell for $ for mission projects around the world.

MONA: I do love that about you, Linda. Have you learned any life lessons from quilting?

LINDA: No quilt can be totally perfect, only God is perfect!

MONA: All of us would do well to remember that God doesn’t call us to be perfect, whether we’re quilting, writing stories, leading a Bible study, singing in the church choir, or parenting a teenager.

LINDA: Quilting is therapy for me.  As I quilt, I am reminded that God is my Master quilter taking the pieces and scraps of my life and making them into something beautiful and useful.

MONA: Have you taught others to quilt?

LINDA: I have taught a few classes to ladies at my church with the intent that they make at least one quilt to donate to sell for missions.  I have one daughter who likes to quilt with me.

MONA: And you worked with my Sara, your niece, to make a photo memory quilt as a gift for my 50th birthday.

Photo Memory Quilt

Photo Memory Quilt

MONA: What bit of advice would you give someone who wants to start quilting?

LINDA: You can’t be perfect.  You have to be able to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone.

MONA: Do you go to quilt shows or exhibits?

LINDA: I have only been to a few.  I enjoy going to quilt stores and seeing what they put together.

MONA: I’ve been to a few of those quilting stores with you. None as memorable as our visit to Keepsake Quilting this past October!

MONA: Linda, are there websites, Facebook groups, or magazines that you’d recommend for quilt enthusiasts?

LINDA: I haven’t joined guilds or groups.  I was taught by a few friends and I enjoy quilting with them whenever the opportunity presents itself.  It is easy to get overwhelmed when you compare yourself to what other quilters can do.  Find your purpose for quilting and enjoy it!

MONA: Again, great advice! And applicable on so many levels. Linda, thanks so much for joining us here and for sharing your quilting story. Thanks, too, for all the quilting you’ve been doing for my Book Launch Giveaways.

Crafted by Mona's SIs, Linda Gansberg Smith

Crafted by Linda Gansberg Smith

Read about the Civil War Era Squares Linda made for the eBook releases of Dandelions on the Wind, Bending Toward the Sun, and Ripples Along the Shore.

And that brings me to an announcement, of sorts. I’m not prepared to share details yet, but Linda is busy quilting some special items for the January release of The Quilted Heart, 3 Novellas in One Book.

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Your turn: Have you ever given or received a treasured quilt?

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  1. To me, quilts tell stories. The time and the love that go in them, the special occasions they represent. I am in awe of quilters and I am in awe of writers.

    melback at cebridge dot net

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  2. Mona,
    No, I have never given a quilt yet. I want to learn to hand quilt and machine quilt. I’d love to make a beautiful quilt for someone to treasure.
    I also have never been given a quilt. I would totally adore one. I have wanted one since I was a child, before I even knew they were called quilts. They are just beautiful and filled with love.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom,Linda. I tend to lean on the perfectionist side and being afraid to mess up. Thank you for sharing about it not having to be perfect. I need that reminder many times daily as I forget it in trying new things/projects and in my own life’s journey.

    I am excited for the novellas. Mine are pre-ordered! 😀 YAY! 😀

    HAppy Holidays and a very MErry Christmas to both you and your loved ones! 😀

    ~Mippy(aka Sabrina) 🙂

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