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Quilters and Quilts #2 – Kristine Morgan

Thank you all for a great response to the new Quilters and Quilts Monday Blog Series.  

Week Two features my reader-friend, Kristine Morgan, also a member of the Book Launch Team for The Quilted Heart novellas.

MONA: Kristine, who influenced you to become a quilter?

KRISTINE: My mom and my sister both quilt. My mom made these two quilts, one for each of my daughters when they were born.

Kris Morgan Mom quilt 2 cropped

Kris Morgan Mom quilt 1 cropped

I started to quilt to have something to do while we sat together.

MONA: Oh, I like that motivation. A shared experience. Kristine, what was your first quilting project?

KRISTINE: The quilt I’m working on is my one and only quilt.  I am VERY slow. I’ve been working on a Cathedral Window Quilt for two years, off and on. I crochet with yarn and also make doilies.

Kris Morgan Cathedral Window Quilt

MONA: Do you have a favorite quilt pattern?

KRISTINE: Cathedral Window is my favorite because when you finish the quilt, you do not need to go back and quilt it. I can make small parts and join them to the larger quilt. It involves starting with an 8 x 8 square of white fabric and hemming it, then folding four corners into the center and stitching all the open areas shut, again folding four corners in and tacking down in center, joining two of these small squares together, and sewing a colored  square of fabric in the square created by joining two white squares. This forms the window.

MONA: What is your favorite part of the quilting process?

KRISTINE: I love to go to the quilt store to pick my fabrics and then cut the squares to fit.

MONA: What inspired you to create a Cathedral Window Quilt? Who is it for?

KRISTINE: I liked the pattern. I am making it for me…selfish, huh?

MONA: Not selfish at all. Especially if it’s on display where visitors can enjoy it too. 🙂 Kristine, have you learned any life lessons from quilting?

KRISTINE: Patience!

MONA: A valuable lesson. What bit of advice would you give someone who wants to start quilting?

KRISTINE: Pick a pattern you love and use colors that you personally love because you will be looking at it for a while. Also, be willing to invest in the equipment needed. Good sharp quilting needles, thimbles, needle pullers, cutting at, rotary cutter, and shears. A small quilters iron is also nice.

MONA: Really good advice, Kristine. Are there websites, Facebook groups, or magazines that you’d recommend for quilt enthusiasts?

KRISTINE: I just “Google” quilt images or quilt patterns.

MONA: Thanks so much for sharing your quilting story with us, Kristine!

We’d love to hear from you! If you were only going to make one quilt, what pattern would you choose to make?

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  1. I love the Double Irish Chain but make lots of other patterns. It is fun to make the quilt match the personality or likes of the person you are doing it for.

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