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9 Powerful Prayers for the Debut of Your New Day

*The baby cries.

A dream startles us.

The dog jumps onto the bed.

Hubby snorts in his sleep.

The alarm sounds off.

Something wakes us up.

We listen for the baby.

Scold the dog.

Nudge the hubby.


Hit the snooze button.

Whatever we do in our not-sure-I’m-ready-to-be-awake moments, we can pack more power into our waking routine.

I used to wait until I had time for my “quiet time” or “devotions” before I would deliberately turn my attention to God. No longer.

In recent years, I’ve developed a habit or spiritual practice of greeting God in my waking moments.

I intentionally begin my day by nurturing my anchor relationship. While I’m still in bed and orienting myself to a new day, I try to remember to greet my Savior and start a conversation with Him. Even if it’s 2:00 AM and I have every intention of returning to slumberville.

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I use one or more of nine powerful prayers when debuting a new day, and I thought you might find them helpful in your own conversations with God.

Here are the prayer types, along with a sample of each:

1. Hello Prayer

 Good morning, Lord. I’m so thankful You are here, with me. I love you, Lord.

 2. Prayer of Confession

 Create in me a clean heart, Lord.

 3. Prayer of Surrender

 Lord, I need you. Holy Spirit, keep a lasso on my tongue. Align my attitudes with Your thoughts and Your ways.

 4. Praise Prayer

 You are my Provider and Sustainer. You are my Strong Tower. My Rock. The Living Water that gives me spiritual life. My Good and Gracious God,  I praise You!

5. Prayer of Commitment

I’m all in, Lord. I choose You. Lead me. I have decided to follow Jesus.

6. Intercession Prayer

Father, I bring ____________ before. I ask that you meet their needs. Draw them close to You.

7. Prayer for Guidance

I’m a wanderer. Easily distracted. Shepherd me, Lord. Lead me on Your path of Righteousness.

8. Thanksgiving Prayer

I’m so grateful You are mine, and I am Yours. Thank You! I am enjoying my squishy pillow and warm covers, Lord. Thank you.

9. Silence Prayer

Tune my heart to hear Your voice. I want to hear You, Lord. Speak, Holy Spirit, I am listening.

Our conversation doesn’t always take place in that order or with those specific prayers. Nor am I as consistent as I desire to be, but I’m making progress.

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