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The Oregon Trail and Prairie Song

The end of the American Civil War reopened the floodgates for humanity headed west. Men and women hungered for land and business opportunities to help them rebuild their war-torn lives and families.

Wagon train companies were typically a ragtag group of pioneers–families and individuals–fleeing their past, headed for a brighter future. Or so they hoped. A captain was usually hired to guide the caravan safely across rivers and the prairie, and over mountains to their destination of promise.

Prairie Song, the first book in the Hearts Seeking Home Series, chronicles the overland journey of the westbound Boone’s Lick Wagon Train Company setting out on The Oregon Trail from Saint Charles, Missouri, in the spring of 1866. Here is a peek at the roster and some of the characters who are provisioning farm wagons and a Connestoga, selling off property, and saying goodbye to friends and loved ones for the Oregon Trail.

Garrett Cowlishaw, captain of the caravan, lived through the war and walks with a limp as a constant reminder.

Caroline Milburn agonized at her sister’s home, fearing that her missing husband was not destined to return.

Trail hand, Caleb Reger carried a crushing secret from the battlefield onto the road west.

Anna Goben knew she could lose her brother to the war, but hadn’t imagined the ruin the loss could bring to her household.

Maren Jensen Wainwright, though her eyesight is diminishing, travels with her new husband and his daughter.

Hattie Pemberton, a youth traveling west with her mother and brother, destined for Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Davonna Kamden, a widow accompanying her son, daughter-in-law, and five grandchildren.

Alfonzo Zanzucchi Jr., the eldest of three boys, is the keeper of his brothers and translator for his parents.

Boney (Robert) Hughes, a trail hand and childhood friend of Anna’s deceased brother.

These folks are among the families and individuals, many from the Saint Charles Quilting Circle, who set out looking for their Promised Land. On a road marked with more suffering, will they discover they’ve left it behind? Or will they learn that the promise is alive in their hearts, no matter the circumstances.

 Prairie Song Joshua 1

Click here to read an excerpt. Prairie Song is available in print or as an eBook.

Do you have a favorite wagon train story?

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  1. Have not read these books but very much would like too. Maybe I can find somewhere that sells them for really cheap in print form. Keep up the good work.

  2. When is your book #2 of the Hearts Seeking Home coming out, I run our church library and ladies have been asking. Love your books.

    1. Post

      Good morning, Annette. Thank you so much your interest in my books. Unfortunately, the publisher who published Prairie Song didn’t offer a contract for any more books in the series. But I got busy looking for other outlets for continuing the story of the Boone’s Lick Wagon Train Company. You can find the next installment in Keeper of My Heart in the Convenient Brides Collection (Barbour Publishing). Also, I am currently working on a new series for another publisher that features the wagon train folks starting new lives at their destination. Did you read the four Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek books? There’s another Sinclair Sisters story in Something Blue in the Heirloom Brides Collection. Do you follow me on Facebook (Mona Hodgson page) or signed up for my e-newsletter? That’s where I’ll post book news. And on my blog. Happy Reading, Annette. And blessings, Mona

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