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7 Habits of a (Mostly) Sane Mom

I see you, friend!

You are in my heart as you navigate this crazy new normal.

I’m counting the days with you as we try to see beyond Covid-19. Social distancing. No school—the kids are home. So are you. Always. And if you’re married, your spouse is too. Home schooling or navigating online schooling. Working from home. Cooking. Cleaning. Missing your MOPS group, Bible study sisters. And having a moment to yourself.

Sanity for moms and grandmothers in this chaos? It’s a stretch even on the good days.

I hear you. And I want to help!

So … I’m sharing some habits that I hope will help you find a road map for this topsy-turvy time (whatever that looks like for you).

Here are 7 habits to help you with a road map for this topsy-turvy time. Share on X

Break Up with Perfect

The perfect mom, perfect child, perfect house, perfect meal, perfect anything is a Pinterest and Instagram illusion. Perhaps it can be true for one moment in time, but it’s certainly not the norm. For any of us. Free yourself, your kids, and your spouse from the power struggle with perfection.


2 Let Go of Guilt

Guilt is a steel trap that grabs hold of your heart and head space then keeps you from moving forward.

Guilt is a steel trap that grabs hold of your heart and head space then keeps you from moving forward. Share on X

If you did make a mistake . . . repent, apologize, seek forgiveness. Move on.

Mom Guilt is infrequently founded in actual mistakes or fails. More often, it is something we burden ourselves with because we’re not looking at our reality. Instead, we’re looking through the fence of self-condemnation where the grass is always greener.


Quit Comparison

Comparing ourselves to others is like drinking poison. Contrasting your reality with a snapshot of someone else’s life is not the same as looking to a mentor, a role model, or a trusted friend for the sake of gaining information or wisdom.

Picture the difference between drinking a shot of sriracha chili sauce and sipping a mango smoothie. One is self-destructive. The other is yummy. The first practice isn’t going to end well. Neither is comparison.


Be Self-Aware

Feeling a little off? Are you irritated over something small? Do tears sting your eyes every time you turn around? Is anger simmering just below the surface of your last nerve? Or maybe it’s no longer simmering at all, but boiling over.

Pay attention. Those emotions are like the wobble of the washing machine when the load is out of balance.

Those emotions are like the wobble of the washing machine when the load is out of balance. Share on X

The goings-on in your life are out of balance. You need a break. Space to breath, assess, regroup. Find a way to take care of yourself too. A walk. A nap. A chat with a friend. A nap. A bubble bath. A nap. Time with a good book. A nap. A date with the hubby. A nap. Sister or brother time. A nap.


5 Make Sure Prayer Partners are Voice Activated Calls

Don’t do momming alone! Seek out women who are in your corner and ask them to pray for you. Break up with perfection, let go of guilt, quit comparison, ask for help and embrace it like you would welcome a sabbatical on a secluded island.


6 Celebrate Less as More

You don’t have to chase every opportunity or lasso every shiny thing or shimmering experience for your kiddos. Nope. Not every meal has to be special. Not every request has to be answered with a Yes. Not every moment needs to be filled with jaw-dropping DIY projects. Seek after the special moments instead of the illusive Super Mom cape.

Seek after the special moments instead of the illusive Super Mom Cape. Share on X

Pass up some of the good and better stuff for what’s best. The list of really good stuff is endless. Sometimes doing less and allowing your kids the same luxury makes room for more of what really matters.


7 Embrace Soul Care

Faith plays a big role in our well-being.  At our core, You and I crave unconditional love and connection. God designed us for relationship with our Creator. Whether you believe in God or not, like Him or not, prayer and reading the Bible can bring you comfort and restore your joy. Try it. Make a habit of it. You’ll see.

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Friend, I’d love to hear from you.

Which of these habits do you struggle with most? Or which of these habits or others are helping to keep you sane? Is there a habit you’re going to adopt to make a positive change in your life?


Looking for a prayer activity to share with your kiddos? Check out this post.

Thanks so much for joining me here. I’d love it if you’d share today’s post with a friend or family member you think might be encouraged.

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  1. Excellent post!! God is doing a new thing in this world and it’s exciting to be a part of. We can rest in Him, and in the 7 habits you suggested! God, change, grace, growth = all good. Thanks for sharing truth today!

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  2. Wonderful post! There are a. Few of these I need to work on, mainly comparison. The talent God gave you in your writing and the love and wisdom you share with other’s has always inspired me. I am so blessed to be able to call you mom.

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