Fiction - Historical Romance

The Quilted Heart

By Mona Hodgson
Available in: Paperback, Kindle
ISBN: 978-0307731142
Published: January 21, 2014

Three Novellas in One: Dandelions on the Wind, Bending Toward the Sun, and Ripples Along the Shore

Tattered relationships and broken hearts, like a quilt, can be pieced together by God’s love.

Once a week, Elsa Brantenberg hosts the Saint Charles Quilting Circle at her farmhouse on the outskirts of the riverside town of St. Charles, Missouri. The ladies who gather there have all lost men to the Civil War, and are facing their painful circumstances together in friendship and prayer. Can the tattered pieces of their hearts be stitched together by God’s grace?

What Readers are Saying

The Quilted Heart by Mona Hodgson is an amazing Christian Historical Fiction set in the 1860’s St. Charles, Missouri. Post-Civil War era. “The Quilted Heart” Trilogy, Three Novellas in one amazing book, This tale of God’s grace, love, healing, forgiveness, friendship and romance follows three young ladies. Together, these ladies, endure hardships, and heartache set against the backdrop of the Civil War but with prayer and friendship they stitch their tattered hearts back together one stitch at a time. Each story brings us into the hearts and lives of the characters with endurance and love. A heartwarming tale of second chances, change, a bit of intrigue and lots of romance. You don’t want to miss one moment of The Quilted Heart. Well done, Ms. Hodgson! Received for an honest review from the publisher.”

“Welcome to St. Charles, Missouri. The Civil War has been devastating to some of the women here and three of these women meet for quilting over at Elsa Brantenberg’s farm. When they all come together it is more like a support group and each woman gets her own story.

It is amazing to me how differently the same event, in this case the Civil War, can affect individuals. Ms. Hodgson had done a wonderful job of bringing each woman to life and giving her a unique experience. We fall in love with these ladies and when they feel pain so do we. When they experience love we rejoice with them. Every character is so well portrayed we feel as though we are living in St. Charles with them. It is a sad thing when the book ends and we have to say goodbye to them. However we had a wonderful time with them between the pages so it is all worthwhile.”

“Mona Hodgson’s wonderful characterization brings the characters of The Quilted Heart to life. Each character is special and their life stories are beautifully quilted together in this novella collection.

The Quilted Heart novellas are bursting with details and descriptions, adding richness and depth to their engaging storylines. I clearly envisioned Saint Charles, Missouri, its residents and its businesses. I delighted in learning of the goods bought and sold, foods prepared, and quilts made with loving hands.

The spiritual elements are one of the most endearing facets of The Quilted Heart. The wisdom and scriptures that are shared are a blessing to all who read this book. The Quilted Heart is a book that I love having on my shelf and is one I will read and enjoy again and again!”

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