Mountain Whispers

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  1. Hello,
    We have a library patron searching high and low for “Mountain Whispers”. Could you please let us know if it has been published?
    Thank you,

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      Hello, Alice!

      I appreciate your interest in my historical fiction, and your patron’s enthusiasm for my books too.

      Unfortunately, another delay took place in seeing Mountain Whispers published. But I have not given up. I am now on track for its release this fall. I don’t yet have a specific release date, but I will keep readers (and librarians) posted on my Instagram, Facebook Author Page, and on my blog.

      Thank you for getting in touch.


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      Thank you, Virginia. I appreciate your interest in my historical fiction. I don’t have a specific release date for you, but I expect to have Mountain Whispers ready for you this fall. Blessings, Mona

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